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Every year I organize historical events, conferences and seminars dedicated to various topics concerning medieval and renaissance costume and fashion, military offensive and defensive equipment, important figures of italian and european history and much more. 

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It is always possible to ask for more information or to be provided of a conference or a seminar on a specific topic of interest for you and your association.

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at o call me at (0039) 329-4043987.

I have been studying and researching civil and military historical costume over more than a decade now and practicing as a historical reenactor for more than fifteen years.
I am also an instructor and devoted practitioner in medieval and renaissance historical fencing, being involved in participating and organizing HEMA events since the beginning of 2010s.
I am currently professor at the Primo Levi University in Bologna on military medieval history and I usually speak in several conferences, seminars and workshops for local  institutions and cultural association all throughout Italy.
Since 2013 I have published a series of books about male and female fashion between XII and XVII century.

In 2008 I founded the historical association “Società dei Vai”, of which I am currently President and it took part in many italian and international historical events.
From 2008 to 2014 I was director of the historical magazine De Rerum Historia, and I am National Director for the Italian Association for Culture and Sport (AICS) for the Historical Fencing and Living History sections.

I am also the creator and director of the Digital Library of Historical Costume now ongoing with in the National Italian Civil Service and every year I organize historical events in collaboration with Bologna University and various local museums for the International History Festival.

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call me at (0039) 329-4043987

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